Prof. Armin Weinberger is the head and founder of the department.

Prof. Helmut Niegemann is a Honorary Professor.

Allison Kolling is research assistant in the EduTech department and started her PhD studies in 2017.

Paulo J. M. Santos: PhD student, working on ERASMUS+ projects, and teaching.

Birk Thierfelder is a research assistant that started his PhD studies in 2021.


Isabel Liberado is responsible for the administration at the department of EduTech.

Petra Wendel is responsible for the EduTech Examination office.

Saroj Sharma is responsible for the IT-related tasks at the department of EduTech. 

Student Assistants

Markus Schäfer works on the development and implementation of our research studies.


Piumal Mahawasala works on the technical implementation of our research projects.