Paulo J. M. Santos is a researcher with a background in argumentation and perspective-related strategies. He has experience as a teacher in K-12 education in Brazil, and in 2018 finished his Master’s degree in the Edutech department of Saarland University, exploring in his thesis the role of information sources on attitudes in controversial topics debates.

In his present research, by exploring mixed-methods approaches, he is focused on understanding how individuals construct arguments, learn, and how they are able to effectively take and communicate personal perspectives to others.

He is currently teaching at the Edutech M. Sc., where he has been responsible for the courses “Tech Trends & Gadgets”, “Learning Communities and Social Media” and “Empirical Research Methods”

He is also working on the following ERASMUS+ projects:

Open Teach: aimed at empowering teachers to develop their digital competencies profiles and become implementers and promoters of Open Educational Resources and Practices (OERs and OEPs).

Hyb-IT-up: for implementing theoretically well-grounded, re-usable, and transferable solutions for promoting higher education teachers’ and students’ skills and competencies for hybrid teaching and learning.