The BrewLab is here!

the brewlab creatorsAs part of the final project for the Theory to Practice course of Winter Semester 2016-17 the team of José Cuida, Mansi Sethi, and Miguel Angel Rejón presented “The BrewLab”, a prototype of a learning environment based on inquiry learning with the objective of teaching about the scientific experimentation process as well as the industrial process of brewing.

The prototype can be run as a software (PC and MacOS), on web, and on Android. Touch inputs and joysticks are supported as well.

  • Characteristics currently present on The Brew Lab:
    • Game-based elements i.e. a pedagogical agent, a narrative, and achievements
    • Content directed at both subprocesses of the working memory
    • A post-task assessment section
    • Innovative scaffolding tools on certain task phasesMain Screen
    • Original interface and art design
  • Additionally, other features can be implemented:
    • Functional pre and post assessments of the learning tasks
    • Progressive difficulty (model progression)

Click here to play the first level of The BrewLab.