Orchestrating AKC in SNS

Orchestrating argumentative knowledge construction in social networking sites – The German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (G.I.F):

In this project the benefits of supporting argumentative knowledge construction (AKC) through social networking sites (SNS) are tested in combination with supporting awareness. Here, we focus on directing the learners’ awareness towards the opinions and knowledge of themselves and their learning partners as conveyed through their participation in SNS.
Computer-supported collaboration scripts can facilitate AKC: Micro scripts may prompt construction of sound arguments and thereby complement learners argumentative knowledge, whereas macro scripts may guide students across individual and collaborative AKC arrangements, to alter students awareness of their collaboration partners. Alternatively, they may raise expectations about sharing those arguments to test the effects of the corresponding awareness.
This project systematically investigates the potential benefits of SNS by emphasizing awareness possibilities native to SNS. The project will first investigate the quality of existing argumentation practices in SNS. It will built on and integrate findings from three different research strands in AKC that have thus far not been considered in combination: computer supported scripting approaches (a/o, Kollar, Fischer & Slotta, 2007; Stegmann et al., 2007; Weinberger et al., 2010), the social-interpersonal dimensions of argumentation (a/o, Asterhan, Butler & Schwarz, 2010; Darnon et al, 2006; Nokes et al, 2010) and the role of teacher support in online AKC (a/o, Asterhan & Schwarz, 2010; Schwarz & Asterhan, in press).
A set of lab studies will investigate how computer-supported collaboration scripts may improve student AKC in SNS by (1) suggesting different sequences of argumentative moves and by (2) modifying students awareness to selected group features and their expectancy to engage in transactive debate with others.