New Course for EduTech students: ET & Coffee

To our EduTech students: This summer, we will offer a new seminar, in which you can learn about contemporary educational technologies. The format will be a roundtable “coffee” session. This means that every week, one of the participants presents and discusses a specific technology with the seminar leaders Raluca Judele, Lara Schmitt and Prof. Weinberger. The session will be broadcasted to the other seminar participants (via Adobe Connect) and later made accessible as recording in our EduTech Wiki. Additionally, you will write a short essay on your technology (Wiki). As an overarching goal, we want to build up an ET repository, where your videos serve as a valuable source for information and quick guidelines on educational technologies.

In this seminar, you can earn 2 ECTS points (not graded), learn about the newest educational technologies and be part of the creation of a continuously expanding ET repository.

A first face to face organizational session will take place on April 20, 4:15 pm, in 1.15 (C54). Please register in the LSF if you want to take part!