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Open mindedness

Introducing mobile learning in schools or universities can be a big step for instructurs because many of them are used to the "good old" chalkboard, printing everything and teaching the way their teachers taught them decades ago. This is why a certain degree of open-mindness is needed to use and apply mobile learning in classes. The missing courage in the beginning can be a huge dealbreaker for mobile learning.

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Student training

Most students are used to learn in a classroom during classtime which is not the case in mobile learning. This is why the students need a training too, to get familiar with the new possibilities but also the new difficulties. They need to be aware of the challenges of mobile learning and the difficulties that come with using the internet.

Teacher training

In normal teacher training, they learn a lot about teaching in class and different methods about how to teach in general. In mobile learning those methods can sometimes not be applied how a teacher would use them in a classroom with a chalkboard.

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Usually a schools budget is very tight, which often does not allow to buy new technology like tablets or laptops for a whole class. If it is not the schools job to buy the devices, the parent need to have a certain budget to buy the device, which cannot be guaranteed.

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Access to mobile devices

To be able to benefit from mobile learning, students and teachers need access to mobile devices. Often, the school is not able to give them to them or the familie does not have the extra money to buy them for their children. Another point in accessibility is that not every contry in the world has the possibility to have them and to use them on a daily basis. In Europe, it is normal to have a phone and/or a computer, but it other countries mobile devices are luxuary items.

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Number of smartphones sold to end users worldwide from 2007 to 2021 (Source:

Internet Connection

It is possible to learn on mobile devices without having an internetconnection non-stop, but you will need it at some point to either submit your work or to download new information/exercises.

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