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New positions for EduTech-students available

Dear EduTech-students, The University of Koblenz has posted some new job positions which may fit your experience, skills and knowledge. They are looking for experts with your profile. So, if you are interested and looking for a new position, please check out their websites:

Students’ projects

      We proudly present: one fine example of the students’ work during EduTech I course projects. Very impressive! All groups’ ideas were superbly developed and filmed. Have fun watching! And if you want to realize this group’s idea let us know 🙂  

Open for applications!

Dear all, in case you did not know yet: official Saarland University application process has started and will be running until July 15th. So, now is the time to apply for winter term 2016/2017 for EduTech Master! For more information regarding admission requirements, please visit our page with Master’s details and for applying, please open […]

New Course for EduTech students: ET & Coffee

To our EduTech students: This summer, we will offer a new seminar, in which you can learn about contemporary educational technologies. The format will be a roundtable “coffee” session. This means that every week, one of the participants presents and discusses a specific technology with the seminar leaders Raluca Judele, Lara Schmitt and Prof. Weinberger. […]