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A new paper from us is available!

Members of our EduTech department Dimitra Tsovaltzi, Raluca Judele, Thomas Puhl, and Armin Weinberger are the authors of this new paper: Leveraging social networking sites for knowledge co-construction: Positive effects of argumentation structure, but premature knowledge consolidation after individual preparation. We asked us: How individual preparation and argumentation scripts can support argumentative knowledge co-construction in […]

Higher education policy

Have you heard from the higher education policy at the Saarland University? There are some students, who represent you against the government and the president. They get elected every year – next time from the 26th June to 30th June. And the following short movie of the Studentisches Medienlabor – UdS in german explains to […]

The BrewLab is here!

As part of the final project for the Theory to Practice course of Winter Semester 2016-17 the team of José Cuida, Mansi Sethi, and Miguel Angel Rejón presented “The BrewLab”, a prototype of a learning environment based on inquiry learning with the objective of teaching about the scientific experimentation process as well as the industrial […]

Prof. Tamura visits us!

On Monday, 31st of October, we welcome Prof. Yasuhisa Tamura and his student Izumi Horikoshi in the department. Ms. Horikoshi will give a talk at 10 am on “Page Evaluation of Learning Unit Design with use of Page Flip Information Analysis” and Prof. Tamura will give a talk in the context of the Learning Sciences […]

Reply to the Challenge of Script Theory of Guidance

Recently, Pierre Tchounikine challenged ( the Script Theory of Guidance. He argued to consider appropriation of external collaboration scripts, i.e. how learners interpret externally provided collaboration scripts, in SToG. Pierre’s paper as well as our (Karsten Stegmann, Ingo Kollar, Armin Weinberger, Frank Fischer) reply ( are now available at the ijCSCL’s homepage at Springer (