Dimitra Tsovaltzi

dimitraI am intrigued by the human mind and its capacity to learn, alone and as part of society. My current research is driven by shaping the use of technology in formal and informal education. I am interested in understanding the role of learning in the intersection of these contexts. I explore the potential and limits of instruction.

In the past, I concentrated on intelligent tutoring systems and on how artificial intelligent techniques can be used to promote learning. I developed a model of proactive hints for natural language dialogue systems to foster active learning.

Indicative List of Interests

My current and past research interests include:

  • Learning in social networks
  • Computer-facilitated collaboration and argumentation
  • Cognitive and teaching models of learning
  • Feedback its formalisation and automation
  • Tutorial dialogues and dialogue management engines


Contact Information

e-mail dimitra.tsovaltzi(at)mx.uni-saarland.de
phone +49 681 30271257
skype dtsovaltzi
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